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"Best anglers & Hunters destination in Argentina"

Argentina is well known for being one of the best wing shooting locations and is considered the mecca by bird hunting enthusiasts. Hambare offers wing shooting of doves, partridges and ducks. The lodge operates with a large network of fields which include rice crops, grass fields, and lagoons selected depending on the season and species the hunter is seeking. When going duck shooting, hunters are taken in the early morning to a post, along with a field assistant plus a dog for the recovery of the pieces. For partridge hunting the “looking-for” modality is preferred, while partridge hunting is done with dogs. Dove-hunting is done by post, close to the fields where birds feed.
> Total cost of the program is U$D 2870 per hunter with a minimum of 2 hunters.

DURATION: 6 days. 5 days of hunting and 6 nights at Hambare lodge.
SEASON: April 15 through August 31.
TRIP INCLUDES: 5 days of hunting (10 outing), lodging in first-level stay with full board including 4 meals and drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages), guides, assistants hunting license.
TRIP DOES NOT INCLUDE: nternational and domestic airfare, temporary permits for weapons: U$D 100 (up to two weapons per hunter), ammunition: U$D 14 (box of 25 units), guns rental (U$D 50 per gun/day).
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