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  What is taxidermy? The word comes from the Latin taxis derma or arrangement of skin. It is the general term used to describe the process of preserving the skin of an animal, bird, fish or reptile and arranging it over a model or manikin in order to give the impression of that creature in its live state. The degree of accuracy in that mount is dependant on the skill level and experience of the taxidermist undertaking the task. To become a competent taxidermist takes many years of dedication, a genuine interest in and study of the animals themselves, in their natural environment. He or she needs to have an in depth knowledge of the subject creature to be modelled including a detailed knowledge of the anatomy and a high level of artistic ability and flare in order to accurately interpret the desired pose or attitude. The term "stuffed animals" is outdated and inaccurate though still commonly used
  Initially we remove the skin from the animal's remains, we then construct a realistic figure using the finest manikins of the animal's shape, and create lifelike facsimiles of the eyes and any other organs. The figure is often made from polyurethane foam, while glass is typically used to design the eyes. Wax and clay are frequently used to recreate parts such as lips and snouts.
  When you come to hunt, please contact us at least two weeks prior to your departure. Let us know what animals you plan to hunts and what types of mounts you desire.
  Hambare lodge is a company that specialises in delivering high quality trophies at a reasonable price.
We have been told time and time again, our quality work and low prices are second to none.
We provide a complete, personalized taxidermy service, including mounting of all animals, birds and fish. Our taxidermy is done to the highest quality standards, and we will ship them worldwide.

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