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"Best anglers & Hunters destination in Argentina"

Buffalos and wild pigs (cimarron) are found in their natural habitat, very large hunting areas of 10,000 hectares. Mediterranean water buffalos are the biggest animal that can be hunt in Argentina weighing up to 2,200 lb.
The hunting day starts very early when hunters leave for the fields located 22 miles away. Guides are waiting at the hunting location with horses, and the hunting equipment. A horseback riding trip, which takes almost 3 hours, crosses extensive areas of land - part of which are under water - forests, lakes or rivers. Then, hunters meet up with another guide, who has previously arrived at the hunting field and has located the animals and determine the most appropriate position for shooting. The taxidermy is conducted at days end. The average hunting trip takes a full day. Lunch is brought to the hunting field.

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